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My Recording Studio

Here are a few pictures of our little recording studio which I run  together with some friends. It is not far from the place where I live so I can work or experiment there whenever I want. 
For these pictures we got a few gems out of the safes where they normally rest - an impressive collection we think :) 

Security by Daitem


A part of the recording room. The wood panels on the walls are backed with acoustic foam that helps to reduce unwanted resonances.

The keyboard drives either the PC or a Creamware
Noah synthesizer. A wireless mouse allows to control 
the software on the monitor screen behind the glass pane.

Vintage amps :)
On the left a "Blackface" Fender Pro Reverb from 1965, on the right a Music Man from 1976



The control room is separated from the recording room with a glass pane and a glass door.

E-drums in the control room

The analog mixing desk is used for monitoring only. Mixing itself is done on the PC exclusively.



A  Creamware Scope system is the center of the studio software.

A National resophonic guitar from 1936, the Precision Bass is from 1965. A dream!.

Studio condensor microphone



And here ....
... some guitars  :)

The analog 8-track in the background is no more used these days, just for the look.

Enough amps for  the  clean sound? Maybe we should look for a Marshall ...
The little Music Man (second from left) is currently for sale, see our shop (coming).


  • The center of the studio is a PC with a Creamware Scope system.
  • Total of 28 analog I/Os which means you can record up to 28 individual signals simultanously.
  • The resolution is up to 24 bits at 96 kHz (internal resolution is 32 bits).
  • Acoustically treated recording room (wood/foam constructions)
  • Genelec near-field monitors
  • Different vintage guitar amps

  • Roland E-drums

  • Mics: Audio Technica At 4050, Schoeps tube condenser microphon CM 64, several Shure SM 57, various others

  • Creamware Noah synthesizer system

  • Analog 16 channels Fostex mixing desk for monitoring